Black History Month

We have been celebrating black history month and reading the story ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin. Check out the story below.
We have been learning about Trinidad and Tobago, carnival and Floella’s Journey to England.
We have been talking about the long boat journey that Floella took from Trinidad and Tobago to the UK.
We have made carnival masks , suitcases and a list of the items we would take if we were going on a long journey.

The Children in RF have had a great half term and have settled in really well. Enjoy the autumn break.

Matilda’s first homework

Matilda loves joining in cooking and baking with Mummy and Daddy, so really enjoyed this homework task. She especially enjoyed drawing the number 5, counting out the candles as well as blowing them out.

Matilda’s life size drawing

Matilda’s Daddy drew around her while she was on the paper, and then Matilda coloured in all of her clothes before writing out her body parts and all the things she loves being able to do…


‘A Bit Lost’ and a bit more.

We have been continuing with our focus book a bit lost….

..and having a go at writing our own books, sequencing the story. …..
……and making story maps.
In phonics we having learning the letter sounds g,o,c,k and we have been reading some words like ‘mop’ and ‘dog’. Marvin and Molly the monkeys have been helping us.
In maths we have been learning about repeating patterns. Can you spot the pattern?

Emmaline’s Globe Project

Emmaline and Mommy enjoy using Google Earth to explore the places around the world where our family lives and where we’ve travelled. Besides visiting her family in America and Malta, Emmaline has also travelled to Italy, France, Japan, Netherlands, Dubai, Thailand, Qatar, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. We made this video with Google Earth Studio and Adobe CC.


Owls, emotions, space and size

This week we have been talking about our emotions and feelings. We have been talking about a range of emotions and spoke about how the little owl in our story ‘A Bit Lost’ felt when he fell out of the tree.
Can you make the right sized home for our owl? Will there be enough space?
Can you make an owl using the playdough?
In phonics we have learning the sounds ‘i’ ‘n’ ‘m’ and ‘d’. We have started to blend these sounds into words, but are the words real or are they fake? Can you spot the fake words in the sand?
In maths we continue to sort objects into sets and compare amounts saying when the sets have more , less or are equal. Can you sort the autumn objects? Which set has more and which has less or are they equal?


Welcome to RF

Welcome to RF. The children have settled in well and are enjoying exploring all of the provision that is available in Reception. This week has been particularly exciting as we have had some alien visitors from out of space. The children have been painting pictures of the aliens, sending them letters so they are less lonely and telling them about their favorite animals.